12-Week Platinum Plan

  • Initial Consultation with Nutritionist 1-hour
    • Evaluation & Assessment of Health History
    • Body Composition Analysis (Tanita Scale)
    • Body Measurements taken
    • Weight Loss Plan Orientation (review of your meal plan, how to fit the plan in your day, do’s and don’t for success, educational handout and recipes provided)
    • Before Picture taken
  • ™ 11 Follow Up Visits with Nutritionist 30-minutes
    •  One-on-one consultation to discuss success and challenges faced during the week
    •  Weigh in on regular scale & review weekly food journal
    • Review any educational handouts based on client needs
    • Create and plan for success for the upcoming week and set goals
  • ™ Educational Workshop with Nutritionist 3-hours
    • Grocery shopping tour
    • Refrigerator & pantry clean out
    • Cooking class
    • How to read food labels and portion your meals
    • How to become a sugar detective
    • If you are struggling to loose weight but feel like you eat “healthy” sugar might be the culprit for your weight loss resistance. Find out where the hidden sugar is in the foods you are eating and what you can do to reduce your intake without depriving your taste buds.
    • Eat the rainbow: this workshop focuses on the benefits of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. You will learn the benefits of each color and learn quick and easy ways to add more color to your diet. Recipes and handouts will be provided
    • Body Measurements and Anthropometric measurements via Tanita Scale are provided 1x/month
  • ™6 Acupuncture Sessions
  • ™12 Pressotherapy Sessions
  • ™Fitness
    • 12-week personalized Fitness Training
    • 3 times per week 45 minutes each session
    • Indoor and Outdoor activities
    • Trainers will bring own equipment

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